Is your dog full on? Does he or she struggle to settle? Maybe your dog goes bananas 🍌 when out and about? Chasing after things and not listening to you, pulling on lead and not coming back when called? Does your dog bark at anything and everything? Or maybe he mugs the visitors? Are walks not enjoyable at all? Is life with your dog quite stressful right now?


Short fun (calming) games
Maximum results
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Calm is the new COOL! Growing calmness is the key to turning your struggles into strengths.

We cannot express enough just how important it is to grow the concept of calmness in your dog. When your dog is calm the choices they make are always appropriate – ALWAYS. They can’t get it wrong!

Even when your dog experiences episodes of excitement, worry or fear, if they have a good grounding of the concept of calmness they are equipped to come back down off those other emotions arriving back to calmness and resuming the ability to make appropriate choices.

The Calm Method is a brand new mini digital course and we take you on a deep dive into the concept of calmness.

The course is broken down into manageable bite-sized pieces covering a multitude of topics so that you can master true calm

The knowledge and learning you will receive from this course will be transformational. It is a true GAMECHANGER! It’s a masterpiece 💪

You get life time access to this course, meaning that you can go at your own pace and keep referring back to it to really solidify yours and your dog’s learning. LIFETIME!

Destination calmness awaits you and your dog! Remember it’s cool to be CALM 👌