The Game We Play

Achieving real-life results with your dog all starts with surrounding yourself with the right people.

Here’s to You, The Gamechanger!

The community of owners and trainers that believe in getting great results with their dogs through inspiration rather than force and intimidation is known as the Gamechangers! It’s made up all types of people, dogs, breeds and jobs (from first time dog owners to sports competitors to service dog trainers) – everyone united by a belief that everything is possible with GAMES!

The Game Masters 

Together, Tom & Lauren created the revolutionary absoluteDogs training phenomenon and the Naughty but Nice™ movement, bringing transformation and real-life results to hundreds of thousands of dogs across the world.

About Tom  

Tom Mitchell is a world-renowned dog trainer, best-selling author, veterinarian and behaviourist. Tom brings science and passion to his work. He’s a collie and poodle guy who loves to use his white board and gets a kick out of helping people.

Tom’s passion is bringing the art and science of dog training together and getting people results with their dogs that stand up to the tests of real-life in the shortest time possible.

100,000s of Gamechangers for Their Dogs and GROWING!

Between books, DVDs, online teaching and through the PRO DOG TRAINER instructors trained in the game-based methods, hundreds of thousands of dogs across the world see real-life transformations each and every day.

About Lauren  

Lauren Langman is a world-renowned dog trainer and world-class agility handler. Lauren runs the biggest dog training centre in the United Kingdom and is passionate in coaching other small start up businesses in their journeys. Lauren has travelled to countless countries from Australia to Bermuda in her pursuit to spread the marvels of the dog training revolution! 

The Ask & Tech Team! 

Tom & Lauren have a dedicated tech and support team (The “Ask” Team) to make your dog training experience as fun as the games you will be playing along the journey!