Pro Dog Trainer Workshop Marketing Assets

You get two rounds of pre-written marketing assets: first a pre-written email to send after the 5pm webinar on 26th July to clients who have bought the Like A Pro challenge through you and offer them a private invitation to jump into PDT (you may have a few clients who you are already in discussions with about jumping into PDT, in which case also refer to the ‘Guidelines on Selling Pro Dog Trainer’ section for more, very important, guidance on sharing your link.). And then a pre-written email and a social media post for clients who haven’t done the challenge to be used only when the doors are open to the general public from 9pm BST 4th August until midnight BST 14th August. Plus awesome graphics of course!

!! Important !! Remember to insert your own details everywhere you see [square brackets], before you send these pre-written assets to clients.

Download your pre-written sales emails, social media posts and graphics here.