Pro Dog Trainer Affiliate Benefits

The awesome stuff you get for selling PDT!

PDT is an incredibly important investment that your clients need to make in themselves, both for their own and their/client’s dog’s wellbeing (tell them why!!) – and the value is MASSIVE!!! What will your client get?

  • 10 WEEKS of incredible dog training knowledge and learning from the amazing Tom and Lauren! Or 20 WEEKS if extended with the ‘Geek’ course (jam-packed with the nerdy side of training)! 
  • FULL ACCESS FOR 12 MONTHS – no pressure to rush through the course!
  • 40 DONE FOR YOU lesson plans
  • STUDENT RESOURCE VAULT  (that they can use too)
  • DOG-DOG INTERACTION DEEP-DIVE (BONUS Online DVD walkthrough of dog behaviour)
  • 6 WEEKS OF FUSION (Business Development) Course
  • UP TO 12 MONTHS OF TRAINING ACADEMY, the Netflix of dog training! (included until they upgrade)
  • BONUS REPLAYS of Super Trainer Pro Days (immense seminar days on how to be the best PDT!)
  • PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP for Pro Dog Trainers only
  • CERTIFICATE AND BADGE they can display on completion

Pro Dog Partner Affiliates can sell the PDT by private invitation only to clients who have bought the Like A Pro challenge from them, after the 5pm BST webinar on Thursday 26th July. From 9pm BST Thursday 4th August, Affiliates can then publicly advertise their link to purchase PDT until Midnight BST 14th August when the doors to PDT close! This means that you can have your link to purchase PDT publicly advertised on your website and social media, from 9pm BST 4th August until midnight BST 14th August, making it easily accessible for people to jump into. 

After that point, all advertising (email campaigns, social media posts, website pages, any other adverts) must be stopped/deleted/taken down.

As a Pro Dog Partner Affiliate, you will earn 30% commission of the sale total of PDT Gold or PDT Emerald! A couple of things to bear in mind: 1. If your client uses a voucher towards their spend, that will reduce the total cost and so reduce the total amount of commission you earn, 2. If your client chooses the payment plan, you will earn 30% commission of each payment, as it comes in, until the payment plan is complete. 

The PDT course begins on Monday 15th August.