A Solution For Everyone!

Your Dog-Owning Dream Realised

There’s a game for that!”

That’s what the Gamechangers across the world scream when they encounter a struggle with their dog!

Barking? There’s a Game For That!
Pulling on Lead? There’s a Game For That!
Not Coming Back when Called? There’s a Game For That!
Reactivity? There’s a Game For That!

There are many 3-minute games for every struggle! Tom & Lauren have packaged the games that work for struggles into DVD, book and course solutions that have transformed tens of thousands of dogs across the world.

“There’s a Course For That!”

Training Academy
Naughty But NIce
Pro Dog Trainer

Training Academy

The Game-Based Formula for Relationship & Focus Success!

The Training Academy is the online home of the Gamechangers – it’s where Tom & Lauren share their weekly games and live streams to get the most in relationship, focus, play and understanding with our dogs!

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Naughty But Nice

Naughty but Nice Transformation

Barking, Lunging, Distracted or Overexcited – There’s a Naughty but Nice Game For That!This 8 week deep dive online process is a transformation machine. Dedicate the time to play just two 3-minute games per day and turn Naughty but Nice struggles into unbelievable strengths!

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Pro Dog Trainer

Pro Dog Trainer

Turn Your Dog Training Passion into a Mission, Career and Exciting Future! The Pro Dog Trainer course is about making dreams reality, arming you with the skills, games, tools and instructing and business techniques that mean you not only make the leap to becoming a professional dog trainer but one that actually gets real-life results and transformations for people, dogs and relationships!

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Transformation Evolves with a Great Learning Environment!

Games, Games and More Games

Games teach concepts and concepts shape the way your dog makes choices. Your dog responds to things and goes through life! Forget the “commands” and boring repetitions – it’s time for games!

Your learning is KEY!

Your dog’s learning is one piece of the puzzle, yours makes up the rest! Knowing how to respond to situations and structure your dog’s day gives confidence and BOOSTS your dog’s learning!

Super Community!

Achieving transformation with your dog will be a rollercoaster, the Gamechanger community is the safest place in the dog world for celebration, support and crazy cool knowledge!

The Gamesmasters!

Input from Tom & Lauren and their team means that for every struggle “There’s a Game for That!” And a whole line of people that have transformed that struggle into a strength to show you it’s possible!

Charlotte’s story

Training with Lauren and Tom at Absolute Dogs has given Charlotte confidence and knowledge about how to manage any situation and, most importantly, how her dog has learnt to cope with situations through training games.