The Sexier Than a Squirrel Challenge

The 25 DAY, Play-From-Anywhere Homeschool Dog Training 100% Online Programme that Teaches You How to be Sexier than that Squirrel!


Short fun games
Maximum results
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Are You Ready to Be the LIGHT of Your Dog’s World?

Imagine The Walk Where Your Dog Chooses YOU Over Every Distraction the World Throws at Them!

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Challenge Accepted? How it Works!

  • 25 Days of Video Tuition Where We Show you How to play a GAME to Become Your Dog’s Superhero!
  • ​You’ll Learn How to Train Your Dog to Choose YOU over Distraction through simple 3-Minute GAMES!
  • ​Join a Community of Other Dog Owners on theSame Journey in an EXCLUSIVE FaceBook Group with Additional Live Teaching!

Here’s a Glimpse into How Your Next 25 Days Look…

  • Day 4, You’ll Play a Game That… teaches your dog to actively WANT to focus on you like they might the squirrel/other dog/local jogger!
  • ​Day 8, You’ll Play a Game That… teaches your dog to bounce back to your in the face of distraction (and as a happy side-effect teaches them a retrieve too!)
  • ​Day 13, You’ll Play a Game That… creates a bombproof, highspeed response to their name!
  • ​Day 18, You’ll Play a Game That… stops your dog becoming distracted by scents and actually shows you how to use them as a reward!

What You Get!

#1 25 Days of Video Tuition No Matter Where you are in the World!
#2 25 Step-by-Step Dog Training GAMES to Make Your Dog Owning Stress-Free!
#3 Exclusive FaceBook Group Community & Live Teaching!
#4 The 25 Day Downloadable Challenge Calendar to Tick Off Each Day When You Have Played the Game!