Scent Games

Struggle with your dog getting distracted? Or barking, lunging and general lack of confidence? How about competing with the wonders of the environment on walks?


Short fun games
Maximum results
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The surprising thing is – playing scent games with your dog can not only help these struggles but moves you from a world of trying to compete with the environment to one of BEING AS FUN AS THE ENVIRONMENT!

And this course takes you from zero to hero! We begin right from foundation and work up through the levels. You can be a complete novice and you will end up an expert! You can be an expert and still take away some really cool ideas! We also show you how other games feed into and help set your dog up for success with scent games.

This is a digital mini course and the great thing is, you can go at your own pace with the learning with lifetime access. Don’t be afraid that you’ll create a sniffy, distracted dog – you’ll create the opposite!

Stop competing with the environment and harness your dog’s natural LOVES through scent games!