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Let’s break this down and take a look at exactly what you get when you take the LEAP and invest in your future as a Pro Dog Trainer today!

The Core 10 Week Pro Dog Trainer Programme – Value £1347 / $1667

We know that what will take you from where you are now to an innovative, inspiring game-based instructor is that special sauce formula combining instructor skills and trainer skills.
Over the course of the 10 weeks, you are going to learn everything you need to know about training, dog behaviour and body language and instructing to deliver insanely valuable lessons to your students that get real-life results for them, their dogs and the relationships they both share!

PDT Fusion 6 Week Programme – Value £1497 / $1847

**This is Tom & Lauren’s Deep Dive Teaching on Running Both In-Person AND Online Dog Training!** You’ll learn how to start a business and skyrocket your existing business, harnessing the following:
* Tom & Lauren’s tried-and-tested FORMULA for starting and supercharging businesses that they have used on all of their businesses!
* Marketing and Promotion!
* Online Teaching and Course Development!
* FaceBook Advertising!
* Multi-Pronged Business Development!

Pro Dog Trainer Community – Value £497/$647

Join others on the same journey as you, bounce ideas around and share struggles to turn them into strengths! Join Tom & Lauren every other week for a group FaceBook Live diving into questions, specific topics & case studies – this is inspiration, optimism and innovation central!

Weekly Facebook Lives – Value £297/$387

We’ll be alternating between two types of FaceBook live:  one focussing on instructing ( we call them #tribetime) and one focussing on transforming through GAMES (those are called #10in10)! We’ll be answering questions, demonstrating games and training and covering deep dive topics  = massive pro learning!

Action Takers Bonus Package – Value = £958/$1240

This is our tried-and-tested box of learning that allows you to hit the ground running, does the work of starting your dog training classes for you and allows you to make back that small investment in no time!
Here’s just some of the bonuses you get in the Action Takers Bonus Package:
40x Tried’n’Tested Done For You Lesson Plans!
Design Your Day Workshop!
Student Resource Vault!
14 Day Quickstart Teaching to Getting Your Dog Training Business Going!


Super Inspirer Bonus Package – Value = £1644/$2104

This is our tried-and-tested box that arms you with everything you need to take the learning in the 10 week course and supercharge it with real-life results for students and dogs!
Here’s just some of the bonuses you get in the Super Inspirer Bonus Package:
The Training Academy – All Access Subscription For 12 Months!
Train The Trainer Deep Dive “On Demand” Workshop!
One-to-One Consultation Mastery!

Continued Professional Development Bonus Package – Value = £1191/$1551

Your continued professional development after the 10 week programme is taken care for you too in this tried-and-tested digital learning of bonuses we are throwing in! Continued ignition of your passion and updating your knowledge will mean you will never lack the confidence to be able to get real-life results!
Here’s just some of the bonuses you get in the Super Inspirer Bonus Package:
Mastering Your Dog Business
Dog-Dog Interaction Deep Dive
Super Trainer Live + Pro Development Day Replays

Pro Dog Trainer CERTIFICATION – VALUE: infinite empowerment and potential

A certificate of completion is crucial to demonstrate to people the level of innovation, games, teaching and dog training success you have been through. It unites you with other Pro Dog Trainers and is your demonstration to the world that you are dog training gamesmaster!

Pro Dog Trainer Knowledge Badge – VALUE: even more empowerment and potential

You’ll be able to use a Pro Dog Trainer Participated badge on your website, marketing and course biography!
It’s a badge of honour for being the most innovative, real-life results focussed and world class dog trainer!
With all things considered you could expect the Pro Dog Trainer Programme to run into the many (many) thousands!
So we think you may be pleasantly surprised to find out that this programme won’t cost you anywhere near that when you invest today.
Total Combined Value For Everything Listed Above = £7431/$9443
But You Will Pay Just A Fraction Of This!


£997 (£500 SAVINGS!)