Dog-Dog Deep Dive

Ever wanted to learn those intricacies and subtleties that go on between dogs that are often over looked? Want to learn more about your own dog and what they are really telling you when it comes to interacting with other dogs?


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Is your dog unpredictable with other dogs?

Dog to dog interaction is a huge topic, and it’s what we get asked about the most.

Getting it right in terms of dog-dog interaction is an absolute must for the comfort, happiness and safety of your four pawed friend. 

In this extraordinary deep dive where you get to watch a group of dogs on a walk with Tom and Lauren, you’ll learn how to pick up on the secret language that goes on between dogs, how they successfully manage themselves around each other and when its best to step in and help them out so that appropriate choices are made. 

Skill yourself up so that you can become a better advocate for your dog, being able to read situations and predict how they will on-fold before they do. Your dog will thank you for it.