Guidelines on Selling the NBN Bootcamps

The current Naughty But Nice Bootcamps doors closed for public sale on November 10th 2021. The program started on November 15th 2021.

Affiliates will be able to continue to sell the Bootcamps for the duration of the 9-week program via private invitation to your clients and students!

Private invitations can be made after discussing the Bootcamps with your students.  They can be sent directly to your students via email, text, WhatsApp, Messenger etc. in individual messages. This is where you can share your unique affiliate link for them to sign up.

There are some rules and guidelines:

  • If you do on-board last-minute students to the Bootcamps, we ask that you provide support to help them to catch up.  
  • Guide your students towards Facebook lives or posts in the Facebook group that will help them with their struggles.  
  • If they have questions on material already covered in the program, we ask that they direct them to you, as their awesome Pro Dog Trainer, so we can keep on track with the course material.

Your affiliate link for the Bootcamps will remain the same during this time.

Bootcamps cannot be sold individually.