How to teach your dog to FOCUS on YOU in a new and busy and environment

By playing this one Simple but POWERFUL game…

Do you really struggle to get any sort of focus from your dog in a new environment, or in places where there’s a distraction?

  • Other dogs
  • Other people
  • Children playing football
  • The environment
  • Wildlife

The question often asked is “why won’t my dog listen to me when I go to…the park/the beach/the woods?” The list is long but, you get the picture.

The answer is so, so often the same, have you ever taught your dog HOW to,

  • think in the face of a distraction?
  • to show some self-control in a new environment?
  • be able to respond to you when life gets so exciting?

Because if you haven’t ever taught your dog those skills, they’re never going to be able to achieve real-life success. ‘Awesome’, we hear you say, ‘so, all I have to do is teach my dog how to think, show self-control and respond when life gets exciting…ok, how do I do that?’

Through the power of GAMES!

Why does playing games make such a difference?

For your dog to play any of the cool games we play with our dogs they have to do a couple of different things:

  1. They have to truly engage in the game and make some really great choices
  2. To make great choices they have to connect with you in a way they may have never done before…they have to be much more thoughtful

We want to show you HOW playing one simple, yet powerful game with your dog can help create amazing focus for you, even in a super busy environment.

Here we have one of our dogs, Style, she’s playing some advanced boundary games. We’re in a new place, and the video above shows that Style is able to maintain a little bit of distance from where I am.

Then we have Venture. Venture is just starting to pay a new game to her.  A game called ‘middle’. Here, Venture is coming into ‘middle’ position in a new place. All I’m asking her to do is be able to offer ‘middle’ in a new environment.

It’s a game we have played in other places and at home. It’s a difficult thing to do when we get to new environments, so all we’re looking to do really is play games.

By playing games in a new place, it’s one way to develop a relationship with your dog and that’s exactly what we’re building towards with our dogs each day.

When we get to a new place with our dogs. We want to know that they want to work with us and they want to stay with us no matter what is going on in the distance. 

For real-life success look beyond teaching behaviours…teach your dog concepts through the power of games.

Now that approach is a real game changer.

Enjoy the games…..
Tom & Lauren